Empowering the ADHD Student Through Homework Coaching and Executive Function Building

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A new approach to tutoring

We inspire students to be better, more focused learners. We help them to be fearless in the face of homework, projects, and exams. Coaches help your student stay on top of schoolwork while working to strengthen cognitive Executive Function skills. Want to find out more? Fill out our contact form now.

Especially suited for ADHD students

We have developed a robust program out of the breakthrough scientific research that is changing how we understand the developing brain. Our ADHD tutors have special training to help kids get focused, organized, and in control.

We come to your home

Since 2009, we have sent homework coaches to hundreds of homes all over the country. If you are in an area where we don’t already have a certified homework coach, we will scout, vet, and train the right one for your child.




We will provide a trained homework coach to work with your child in your home one or more days per week.

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End Fights Over Homework

Homework can be hard for ADHD children, and parents wear out from nagging and cajoling. Our homework coach can help.

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Cost Effective

We train young professionals to work with your child. This can be a lot more affordable than a learning specialist or ADHD coach.

Why is HomeworkCoach better?

If you’ve ever said something like…

“Our son is bright enough to do the work – he doesn’t need a tutor – but he won’t complete assignments and does not know how to study effectively.”

“Our daughter is ADHD and has lost all her self-confidence; she thinks she is not as smart as the other kids. When I work with her, she can get A’s, but I don’t always have time.”

“Both my husband and I work; we come home exhausted and can’t face a night of battles over homework.”

“My son tries so hard but he is so disorganized and often has no idea what homework is due or what the teacher expects.”

“I know I can help my kids with homework but they don’t think I know anything. I am sick of nagging them. I need a patient third party to come in and take the stress out of evenings.”

“My daughter takes forever to get started on her homework and then is up half the night working on it. There must be a more efficient way!”

…then HomeworkCoach may be right for your family!

Case studies and free downloads

  • Free eBook: Understanding your ADHD Child's Homework Struggles

    Free eBook: Understanding your ADHD Child's Homework Struggles

    More Info
  • Turning Around A Failing Sophomore Year

    Turning Around A Failing Sophomore Year

    More Info


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Stamford, CT Homework coach Alison McTyre “HomeworkCoach has been a tremendous help to my 9th grade daughter.  Our coach (Alison McTyre, right) was calm, nurturing and helpful with getting my daughter focused to finish her assignments. She always had a positive attitude and was patient, but also firm, at times insisting that she wrap up an assignment my daughter was unnecessarily dragging out.”

Lori K | Stamford, CT

BryanE"Dear all, I want to thank you for selecting Bryan Evans (pictured) to tutor my son, Lawrence. Bryan was encouraging and insightful. He quickly came up with a plan to get Lawrence focused and on track. He involved me as well as Lawrence's sister in encouraging Lawrence and holding him accountable. Bryan was always prompt and professional -- which was not lost on Lawrence. Lawrence began setting his own alarm clock and managing his time, and organizing himself. I could not have asked for better results. Is Lawrence a straight A student? Not quite but he has his own tools to get himself there, and the homework battles are gone. My son is so much more confident and has learned lifeskills to accomplish what he needs in life. With that said, Bryan has done his job so well that Lawrence does not need him anymore.  And being a single Mom, this exchange was worth every penny and did not cripple me with a contract and driving all over to get the help we needed. Thank you so much for being so affordable.  It was the best fit for us and I would recommend this for anyone who wants to equip their child with the life lessons that Bryan brought to our home."

Susan S. | Roswell, GA