Back to School Checklist for the ADHD Student

Back to School Checklist for the ADHD Student

Back to School Checklist for the ADHD Student

It’s back-to-school time again! Here are five essential tips for getting the new school year off to a good start.

1.   Get to know your child’s teachers. Introduce yourself to your child’s teachers, explain a bit about your child’s strengths and challenges, and encourage communication. A teacher who knows that you’re an involved parent is more likely to let you know if something is going on with your child. 

2.   Get organized. Organization is the key to helping your ADHD student be successful. Try color-coding binders, creating a homework folder for each class, and setting a homework schedule. Set up a well-lit and organized study area, and make sure your child has a planner to keep track of assignments and due dates. 

3.   Create a “phone buddy” list. Your child should get the name and phone number of at least one student from every class so he has someone to call if he forgets an assignment or needs clarification. This will encourage him to build social relationships with his peers, which is important to improving self-esteem. 

4.   Set goals. Setting goals for the school year helps your child to be responsible for his personal success and encourages accountability. Get your child’s input on what are measurable and achievable goals for each time period. Build in rewards and consequences for meeting the agreed goals. 

5.   Discuss your back-to-school routines before school begins. ADHD children perform significantly better when they have a routine, but they don’t always adapt easily to the change in routine from summer to school. Try placing a large family calendar in a visible space where everyone can see the schedule.If there will be a change to the routine (for example, a doctor’s appointment after school), prepare your child ahead of time and ask them how the change in schedule may affect other events, such as homework time. 

Ensuring that your child is prepared, organized, and motivated to have a great school year will help to encourage academic success.

We’d love to hear your feedback. Tell us your ideas for helping your ADHD child make a smooth transition from summer to back-to-school.

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