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Because being organized means you’re in control.



Teaching kids with ADHD to believe in themselves again.

Learn Smarter, Not Harder

Executive Function skills for a more focused mind.

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A new ADHD tutoring program

An Affordable ADHD Tutoring Program

We provide homework coaches all over the country to work with students in their own homes. We recruit and train ADHD tutors all over the country to end homework battles. Our coaches help students stay on top of their work, build study skills, and believe in themselves.

Biology test coming up? Your coach will prepare flash cards and quiz the student the night before the test. Big English project?  Your coach will help break that big project down into small steps, from preparing the outline, to doing a final proofread.

For many children — especially those with attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD) — homework is hard! Students get frustrated when they take twice as long as other kids. Parents can’t seem to keep them focused. Every night becomes a battle.

This is where ADHD tutoring can help. Our homework coaches have that special passion for helping kids learn. They show them the power of such simple habits as using a homework planner. Sometimes, it just takes that one caring adult to bring a child’s interest alive.

Great for ADHD kids

Each Program is Tailored to the Individual Student

Each ADHD tutoring program is built on collaboration between the coach, parents, and student. Goals are discussed. A Personal Agreement is drafted based on how the student wants to be held accountable. A schedule is made based on course requirements, the student’s outside activities, and, of course, the parents’ budget. In the Premium plan, extra attention is paid to building Executive Function skills. We have two pricing plans (see below).

Our coaches are trained to explore each student’s learning style, evaluate executive function skills, and help the student adopt effective study strategies and adaptations.  The coach — while not primarily a tutor — will help with reading comprehension, math concepts, science projects, and the like. The ultimate goal is to see students navigate academic progress on their own.

Not Just for ADHD Students

ADHD tutoring can really benefit any students, even if they aren’t hyperactive or impulsive. Let’s face it, the practical skills needed to succeed are not typically built into education. Students don’t just know how to work with focus, overcome boredom, or organize their binders. They have to be taught. And what’s more, they need to be inspired. This is why most students can benefit from the personal attention of a homework coach.  In the past school year, our ADHD tutoring program helped students from fourth grade to college.  The biggest cluster of students were in the 7th to 9th grade range — not surprising, as this is the time when ADHD children especially begin to hit the wall after years of getting by on their native intelligence.  But our program is flexible enough to adapt to any student at any grade level.


Simple Pricing Structure



$75 /hr


Focus on homework completion, staying on top of schoolwork
Building study skills, keeping student accountable
Trained coaches
Executive Functioning Assessment is optional
Available as 1 hr/wk, ($60/hr) or 2+ hrs/wk, ($55/hr)


Focus on building Executive Functioning skills…
…in addition to hands-on homework management
Dedicated “SuperCoach” who will oversee coach’s work
Certified Homework Coaches have completed our online training
Coach will prepare monthly report with measurable goals
Two or more sessions per week strongly recommended

One-time Registration Fee

Once you have spoken to your coach and are ready to schedule the first session, you will pay a one-time registration fee.

Signature Plan: $35 ($45 with Executive Functioning assessment)

Premium Plan: $95 includes Executive Functioning assessment and initial consultation with SuperCoach

Simple Invoicing and Payment

Each month you will receive an electronic invoice and, after seven days (to give you time to review the invoice), your credit card will be billed for the number of hours reported by your coach.

Change your Schedule Anytime

You are free to schedule or cancel additional hours with your coach without notifying us. Your coach will report hours worked each week, and we simply invoice you for the number of hours tutored. For Signature Plan, if we invoice for fewer than 6 hours in a month, your rate will be $60/hr.  If the tutor reports 6 or more hours, we will bill at $55/hr.