A Different Type of ADHD Tutoring Program



The coach uses the school website and teacher contact to stay on top of upcoming assignments


Patient and Encouraging

Your coach knows how to keep an ADHD student engaged and motivated

Building Study Skills

We identify and overcome Executive Function deficits

** Free in January 2017 — our Executive Functioning Assessment which allows us to provide a customized 4-page report which your coach will use to tailor the way they work with your child **

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A new ADHD tutoring program

An Affordable ADHD Tutoring Program

For many children — especially those with learning disabilities or attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD) — homework is hard! It can be frustrating to both student and parent when assignments take twice as long as other kids, or when every night becomes a battle as parents try to keep their child focused.

A good homework coach can take a lot of this stress out of the home by helping the student stay on top of their work, build study skills and feel confident about upcoming tests. Biology test coming up? The coach will help prepare flash cards and quiz the student the night before the test. Big English project? Our coach will help your child plan ahead, prepare an outline, conduct necessary research, and schedule time for reviewing the final product.

Our best homework coaches are often young college grads who remember what high school was like. They can become as much a mentor as tutor. And students will actually learn to welcome their help and begin to change their own attitude toward succeeding in school.

Great for ADHD kids

Each Program is Tailored to the Individual Student

A homework coaching assignment starts with our coach discussing the goals of the coaching with parent(s) and student.  The coach will work with the student on a Personal Agreement  which will determine how the student wants to be held accountable.  The coach, parent(s) and student will agree on a schedule based upon the students’ requirements, working around outside activities and, of course, taking into account the parents’ budget.

Our coaches are trained to explore each student’s learning style, evaluate executive function skills and help the student adopt study strategies and adaptations that will be most effective.  The coach — while not primarily trying to be a tutor — will nonetheless help the student with reading comprehension, learning math facts, organizing and managing science projects, with the ultimate goal of seeing the student able to navigate his or her own academic progress without outside assistance.

Effective for All Ages

Almost any student can benefit from our services.  In the past school year, our clients ranged from fourth grade to college.  The biggest cluster of students were in the 7th to 9th grade range — not surprising, as this is the time when ADHD children especially begin to hit the wall after years of getting by on their native intelligence.  But our program is flexible enough to adapt to any student at any grade level.


Simple Pricing Structure



$60/ /hr


Our Recommended plan includes a minimum of two one-hour sessions each week.

Best for most clients. Our experience shows that two or more sessions a week provide the student and coach an appropriate amount of time to plan, organize and execute various projects and assignments.  The second weekly session ensures continuity and follow-up of plans put into place at the week’s first session.


Our Light plan consists of one hour of mentoring each week.

This can be valuable for students who need less guidance to stay on track. You can switch plans at any time


One-time Registration Fee

Once you have spoken to your coach and are ready to schedule the first session, you will pay a one-time $35 registration fee

Change your Schedule Anytime

You are free to schedule additional hours with your coach without notifying us, and you may switch plans if you so desire. Your coach will report hours worked each week, and we will simply invoice you for the number of hours received. If we invoice for fewer than 6 hours in a month, your rate will be $60/hr.  If the tutor reports 6 or more hours, we will bill at $55/hr.