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Executive Function Areas Addressed


Small tangible rewards earned by completing each sub-goal can help the ADHD child resist or inhibit the impulse to walk away or lose focus


Breaking a big goal or project into sub-goals will improve your student’s ability to organize and manage multiple tasks

A fun way to get your child into the habit of organizing their homework

Click the button below to download HomeworkCoach’s free GoalPad homework planner. But before you do, two things we want to draw to your attention.

Brainstorm how to break goals (tasks) into sub-goals

Encourage your child to write down the big goal like “Science Project,” then break it down into smaller pieces that can be tackled in discrete chunks. All students should do this, but it is especially helpful for an ADHD child who may get overwhelmed at a big task and not know where to start.

Write down rewards.

Maybe your child understands the long-term rewards of doing homework well, like getting into a good university. But most students need something more immediate. Encourage your child to visualize a reward upon completing their homework for the night (ice cream, or a video game). ADHD children may need multiple tangible rewards to get through each sub-goal. Use a timer or metric such as number of math problems completed or paragraphs written. The rewards can be things like “take a break to get a drink,” or “kick a ball for 5 minutes.”


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