HomeworkCoach Pricing: Affordable Support for ADHD Students

Executive function and self-regulation skills are the mental processes that enable us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. Providing the support that children need to build these skills at home…is one of society’s most important responsibilities.

The Harvard Center for the Developing Child


$75 /hr

Our Signature Plan costs about the same as standard in-home tutoring from other companies. We pay our homework coaches well, and we expect a lot out of them. They know how to teach and inspire children who struggle with ADHD and similar Executive Function challenges.

Think of your homework coach as a dedicated project manager and mentor who partners with your child to take the chaos and confusion out of schoolwork. Together, they hash out schedules, go over instructions, organize papers, set realistic deadlines, and study the right way. Your child will learn the basics of how to keep a tidy folder and stay on task–skills others take for granted–without feeling embarrassed or judged. Coaches work with parents and teachers to make life easier. Your child’s learning disability is real and painful. Sometimes a coach can make all the difference. The results speak for themselves:

Your Child Will Have Better Self-Esteem and Feel More Empowered
You Don’t Have to be the Homework Police Anymore
No More Lost Homework, Messy Binders or Missed Instructions
Mastery Over Schedules, Calendars, and To-Do Lists
Better Test Performance with Research-Backed Study Skills
Your Child Will Prepare Ahead of Time for Projects and Tests
Your Child Will Learn to be Inspired–Not Oppressed–by Order

Our Premium Plan is comparable in price to other high-end tutoring services. Premium coaches must undergo comprehensive certification. They strategize with–and report to–regional Executive Function Specialists to measure your child’s progress. Parents receive progress reports and projected improvement plans each month.

Just like in the Signature Plan, your child works with a homework coach who acts as mentor and project manager. Premium coaches have completed our rigorous proprietary course in Cognitive Executive Function Deficits and Interventions. Students undergo an assessment that pinpoints such weaknesses as procrastination, time blindness and problem solving. They use tools, exercises, games, and other materials to strengthen these skills. Coaches must demonstrate your child’s progress to regional Executive Function Specialist (a “SuperCoach”) who will also check in with you directly each month.

In Addition to Signature Package F]features…
…in addition to hands-on homework management..
Dedicated “SuperCoach” will oversee coach’s work
Certified Homework Coaches have completed our online training
Coach will prepare monthly report with measurable goals
Two or more sessions per week strongly recommended

One-time Registration Fee

Once you have spoken to your coach and are ready to schedule the first session, you will pay a one-time registration fee

Signature Plan: $35 ($45 with Executive Functioning assessment)

Premium Plan: $95 includes Executive Functioning assessment and initial consultation with SuperCoach

Simple Invoicing and Payment

Each month you will receive an electronic invoice and, after seven days (to give you time to review the invoice), your credit card will be billed for the number of hours reported by your coach.

Change your Schedule Anytime

You are free to schedule or cancel additional hours with your coach without notifying us. Your coach will report hours worked each week, and we simply invoice you for the number of hours tutored. For Signature Plan, if we invoice for fewer than 6 hours in a month, your rate will be $60/hr.  If the tutor reports 6 or more hours, we will bill at $55/hr.