How an ADHD Tutor can Help Your Child with School and Homework

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11% of students are ADHD, almost a third do not graduate with their peers

All kids want to succeed

HomeworkCoach can turn around a child who has given up

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A good ADHD tutor will take stress out of your household!

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Homework Help With an ADHD Tutor

About half of our clients say their student has been diagnosed with ADHD (which is the official name for this condition, not ADD, regardless of whether the child is hyperactive).  Many of these students come to us in 7th or 9th grade, when they start high school or when they start middle school/junior high.  Their natural intelligence can no longer compensate for being disorganized or inattentive in class.  They hit the wall and their grades slip. Your ADHD daughter may become depressed and anxious. Your son may act out, be impulsive, show poor judgement and be non-cooperative at home.

A good ADHD tutor, or homework coach, can really make a difference. The coach will advocate for your child and help raise their self-esteem.  All children really do want to do well in school, and when their tutor begins to show them that they can succeed, their attitude turns around and they begin to try.  We can provide countless success stories of students whose grades improved dramatically once our coaches began working with them.  Often by the time they reach 10th or 11th grade, they can succeed on their own.  We’ve also been known to follow a longtime student to college!