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Our Executive Function Tutoring Terms of Service

We are thrilled that you have chosen HomeworkCoach to help your child succeed. Executive function tutoring is one of the best things you can do to help inspire and motivate your child. Before we begin, please read our terms of service carefully. You will find us easy and simple to work with, and we have crafted these terms with the hopes of creating a positive working relationship.

1. You are contracting with HomeworkCoach to receive “coaching” (tutoring) services. You have selected a Plan and agree that we may charge your credit card monthly at the rate specified by the Plan for the number of hours received.

2. Invoices will be sent to you each month via email.  You will have seven days to review the invoice before your credit card is charged.

3. Appointments may be canceled and/or rescheduled at no charge if 24 hours notice is given to the coach. As the coach may not be aware of your child’s school holidays, it is the parent’s responsibility to inform the coach of any regularly scheduled lesson that the parent would like to reschedule or cancel due to a school holiday.

4. If the student and caretaker are not at the location at the scheduled time, the coach will wait 20 minutes for them to arrive. After this 20 minute waiting period, the lesson will be forfeited and the parent will be responsible for the payment of the missed lesson. When lessons start late (but coach has arrived on time), coach may shorten length of lesson accordingly.

5. A parent or caretaker must be at the location during instruction.

6. The coach will provide a Lesson Record sheet which should be signed at each lesson by the parent or by the student.

7. The minimum charge for any lesson is the hourly rate. Lessons that last more than one hour will be charged in increments of 15 minutes.

8. Either party may end this contract by giving 24 hours notice.

Definition of Terms:
Parent—The parent or other adult who is financially responsible for the lessons.
Coach—An instructor contracted by HomeworkCoach


Any coach working through HomeworkCoach has agreed, in writing, that he or she will not accept direct employment from any client of HomeworkCoach. This agreement is in full force and effect during the time that the coach accepts client referrals from HomeworkCoach and for a period of two years after termination of his agreement with us. As a client of HomeworkCoach, you must not directly solicit or engage the services of any HomeworkCoach coach except through HomeworkCoach. Any such solicitation while the coach is under contract with HomeworkCoach and for a period of two years thereafter will be viewed as an intentional act on your part to interfere with the contract rights of HomeworkCoach and can result in damages against you.

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