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Teaching kids with ADHD to believe in themselves again.

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Executive Function skills for a more focused mind.

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A new ADHD tutoring program

An ADHD Tutoring Program Designed to Inspire Kids

ADHD children don’t just need a tutor. They need a mentor. You aren’t born knowing how to write a to-do list. And it’s natural for kids to avoid things that bore them.

What parents learn by using our program is that kids can develop an interested in just about anything if they are being coached by someone they look up to.

Our ADHD tutors are smart, enthusiastic, nurturing role models with a knack for making young people believe in themselves.

No matter where you are in the country, we can likely provide you a tutor with experience teaching ADHD kids. We train our tutors to understand executive functions, such as time management and organization. We teach them techniques to help build these skills. These techniques are backed by academic research and years of practice.

A Holistic Approach to Your Child’s Academic Success

Most tutors help their students with a particular subject, project or test. HomeworkCoach is different. With our program, tutors look at how students are doing in all of their classes. They build homework schedules together based on what assignments the student has, how much work they will take, what that work is, when they are due, how much they effect their grade, and so on. This approach helps ADHD students, who are typically demoralized and unmotivated, to gain a sense of empowerment for their schoolwork.

When mistakes happen, tutors help students learn from those mistakes to tweak their routines, patterns, and study habits. As they work together over time, students develop trust for their tutors, who are able to influence not just how they do their schoolwork, but how they feel about it.

If you have ever wished your ADHD child would show more interest in school, why not reach out? There’s no commitment to sign up. And if you don’t like your first tutoring session, it’s free.


Biology test coming up? Your coach will prepare flash cards and quiz the student the night before the test. Big English project?  Your coach will help break that big project down into small steps, from preparing the outline, to doing a final proofread.

For many children — especially those with attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD) — homework is hard! Students get frustrated when they take twice as long as other kids. Parents can’t seem to keep them focused. Every night becomes a battle.

This is where ADHD tutoring can help. Our homework coaches have that special passion for helping kids learn. They show them the power of such simple habits as using a homework planner. Sometimes, it just takes that one caring adult to bring a child’s interest alive.

Great for ADHD kids

Our Tutoring Program is not Just for ADHD Students

Let’s face it, the practical skills needed to succeed are not typically built into education. Students don’t just know how to work with focus, overcome boredom, or organize their binders. They have to be taught. And what’s more, they need to be inspired. This is why most students can benefit from the personal attention of a homework coach.

In the past school year, our tutoring program helped students from fourth grade to college.  The biggest cluster of students were in the 7th to 9th grade range — not surprising, as this is the time when ADHD children especially begin to hit the wall after years of getting by on their native intelligence.  But our program is flexible enough to adapt to any student at any grade level.